Force Pull

Narrative Information

A telekinetic ability using the Force that could cause a material body to draw close to the user. The greater the user’s aptitude with this, the heavier the object that could be pulled or the more wide arc or radius of the Force “wave”. It could be used to pull weapons from enemies, or, at higher levels of skill, could be used to pull enemies themselves closer to a Jedi’s lightsaber range. This power was also very useful when a chasm or hole lay between the caster and the opponent. It could also be used to pull foes to the ground. One of the most powerful uses of the ability was pulling a starship from the sky.

Game Information

  • Force Push: Move Object – Affects Objects, Damaging, Subtle 01 – Activation 01 ( Move-Activation ) – Limited Direction [ Towards user. ], Source [ Must have Midichlorian count of 7,000 or higher. ] – 02 PP, +02 PP per additional level.

Force Pull

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