Force Push

Narrative Information

The most basic applications of Force Push utilized telekinetic energy to push objects away from the caster. At more powerful levels, Force Push could create a telekinetic impulse via the Force, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air akin to an explosive force. Depending on the power of the user, this ability could be used to do anything from staggering a target to shattering stone. The greater the user’s telekinetic aptitude, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Force user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. Truly gifted practitioners could generate a concussive blast that would radiate from them for dozens of meters in all directions, detonating with the force of a conventional explosive.

This power was an effective tool for keeping enemies at a distance. Particularly ruthless Force users could use a well-timed Force push to send their enemies tumbling off penthouse balconies or into deep chasms. Additionally, Force users who were exceptionally skilled or powerful could even use Force Push to kill their opponents via the sheer force of the Push itself. Beyond offense, this power had many utilitarian applications, such as pulverizing heavy debris and other obstructions too large to remove without specialized equipment. It should also be noted that the non-damaging type of Force Push was sometimes seen in combat, such as using a burst of telekinetic energy to deflect large projectiles such as rockets.

A trained Force user could resist Force Push, presumably by shielding themselves with telekinetic energy of their own. However, this shielding could be penetrated or overwhelmed by an opponent of sufficient skill or power.

Game Information

  • Force Push: Move Object – Affects Objects, Damaging, Subtle 01 – Activation 01 ( Move-Activation ) – Limited Direction [ Away from user. ], Source [ Must have Midichlorian count of 7,000 or higher. ] – 02 PP, +02 PP per additional level.

Force Push

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