Narrative Information

Ionize, also known as mechu macture, was a Force power developed during the Old Sith Wars that allowed a Jedi to overload and damage electronic systems, such as droids. Ionize was discovered during the Great Droid Revolution, which allowed the Jedi to deactivate the droid army. During the Jedi Civil War, the ability would remain common amongst Jedi. When employed, a stream of ionic energy generated by the Force would be unleashed upon the targeted mechanism and bore some similarity in appearance to Force lightning. However, the stream of energy traveling from the user to the target (or targets, if skilled enough) was purple, in contrast to the blue-white appearance of Force lightning, a nod to its stream of ions.

Game Information

  • Ionize: Weaken [ Affects Electronics; Resisted by Fortitude ] – Affects Objects Only, Broad [ Electronics ], Precise, Selective, Simultaneous – Source [ Must have Midichlorian count of 7,000 or higher. ] – 04 PP Base, +03 PP per additional level.


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